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75 Years of delivering superior break room solutions in Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties

In 1949, Carlo Marchetti Sr. and his son Carlo Marchetti Jr. owned The Rendezvous Club, a bar situated in Rio Dell, California. One day, Carlo Jr. requested a song, but the jukebox operator refused to put a specific record on the jukebox. This incident led to Carlo Sr. traveling to Chicago to buy two jukeboxes, one for The Rendezvous Club and one for the Travelers Club, which was across the street. This marked the establishment of Rendezvous Music in 1949.

As a small, family-owned business, Rendezvous Music relocated to Eureka, California in the 1950s and acquired the remaining music and game operators in the area. In 1967, Rendezvous Music acquired Kwik Kafe Vending, a vending company, and became a full-line vending operator. In 2004, Rendezvous Music & Vending became a Canteen Franchise. In the present day, Rendezvous Music & Vending has expanded its operations to include not only jukeboxes and vending machines but also pool tables, video games, micro markets, ATMs, office coffee service, and most recently, bar and restaurant supplies.

We're Changing the Way You Enjoy Vending!

Rendezvous Music & Vending has provided the North Coast region with quality vending programs, music and games for over 75 years. Our programs include soda, snack and food vending, video games, jukeboxes, pool tables, pinball machines, micro-markets, office coffee service and more.

As a leader in the vending industry we have built our reputation by exceeding the expectations of our clients with uncompromising levels of quality and service. The employees of our company know they make the difference and they are proud of the service they deliver.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, Rendezvous Music & Vending's commitment is the same:

  1. Provide the quality products your employees and customers desire
  2. Establish and maintain a friendly professional relationship
  3. Keep your vending machines and games clean and in proper working order
Rendezvous Music & Vending is committed to customer satisfaction. We would love the opportunity to customize a vending, music, or games service suited to your business and the needs of your employees and/or customers.

Canteen logo We are also part of the Canteen franchise group which is the world's largest vending company. Being a part of the Canteen system allows us to be on the forefront of product and machine innovations that directly benefit our customers. We have the programs and resources that a national company can offer combined with the personal touch of a locally owned business.

You’re one-stop-shop for refreshment services in Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity Counties as well as Brookings, Oregon.

Quality service, product and employees set us apart from the competition.

24/7 Quick Response

Have a problem? We are only a phone call away any time of day or night.


With more than 75 years of experience in the Northcoast area, we have veteran employees to offer the best service.

Family Owner & Operated

As a local family owned and operated business we understand what your Northcoast business needs and we deliver with excellent service.


Enhance your entertainment area with the best in music and games that comes with hassle-free service and a complimentary set up.

Office Coffee Service

Give your employees a breakroom experience that rivals that coffee house with our hassle free office coffee service.

ATM Service

Increase sales and retain guests at your business by installing an ATM machine and we will handle everything for you.


We always know what to stock in your machine with the help of our wireless inventory management system.

Modern Equipment

Beautiful, sleek machines are the only ones that we install with no extra cost to you.


Our open concept markets can transform your breakroom into a healthy eating destination.

Office Coffee Service & Vending Machines in Humbolt
Traditional Vending
Office Coffee Service

We have everything you need for business in Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity and Curry counties.
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Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, McKinleyville, Trinidad, Rio Dell, Scotia, Garberville, Crescent City, Willow Creek, and Weaverville are among the areas we serve. Additionally, we provide services in Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity counties. Our coverage extends to Brookings, OR (located in Curry County).